July Update

The Berlin Summer is well underway and so are we here at Bear Radio! Let’s check in with Jill and Julia to ask them about what they have going on and lined up in their podcatcher.

Hello again! 

This message comes to you from sunny Sicily as the Bear Radio team enjoys a little working holiday with extra Vitamin D and daily gelato breaks. 

We’ve had a great month wrapping up client projects, developing the concept for Berlin Bigwigs S2 (yay!), putting out another episode of URSA, and more. The July installment of URSA dropped on Tuesday the 5th, and among many stories, explores abortion protections and legislation within the EU, how countries are combatting the heatwave, art activism, lakeside festivals, and the best biryani in Berlin!

In late June, we taught a lecture about podcasting as a tool for sustainability communication to students at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg.

Jill was accepted to The Break, a new fellowship for women entrepreneurs in partnership with The European Union. She’ll be spending a month in Spain in the Fall, meeting other founders and focusing on how to make a greater impact with Bear Radio. 

There is also a lot to look forward to, including Podfest Berlin, a weekend of live recordings, workshops, panels, forums, and good fun – that takes place 16-17 July. 

Jill’s Podcast Recommendation

I’m a sucker for anything having to do with cults. This podcast follows the infamous Twin Flames Universe, created by a couple named Jeff and Shaleia. The ‘Twin Flame’ theory suggests that every person on earth has a soulmate, an other half, or a mirror soul. 

Jeff and Shaleia charge thousands of dollars to their followers to take courses on love, and have weekly video chat checkins with their followers. And Jeff and Shaleia pick (sometimes randomly) twin flames for their followers – even if the ‘twin flame’ has no interest in dating the person. 

This has led to stalking charges, arrests, and a world of heartbreak for the followers with uninterested ‘mirror souls.’ This story already sounds bonkers, but this isn’t even the half of it. 

Julia’s Podcast Recommendation

Night of a Thousand Tigers, Nazis, Grace Kelly, Magic and Mullets – should be enough to intrigue you but if not, let me tell you more!

Wild Things reveals the behind the scenes life, drama and hidden truths of German-born illusionists and mega-stars – Siegfried and Roy. Over almost 50 years, these two performed thousands of shows for 50 million people, famous for including exotic animals in their acts. They were beloved by fans, criticized by animal welfare advocates and mocked by their colleagues, but one constant was the fact that they were two of the most flamboyant and eccentric duos to grace the stage – I mean they were two German magicians living in Las Vegas in their “Jungle Palace” with their posse of wild animals. 

This is the first podcast by award-winning journalist and filmmaker, Steven Leckart, and tells us more about their private lives, the makings of their public personae, and their tragic final show.
You’re thrown headfirst into episode 1, What Went Wrong?, where the first five minutes chronicle a tiger mauling Roy’s neck… wild. Give it a listen!

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