Events We’re Excited For in September

Berlin is a pretty happenin’ city, but staying on top of its huge array of niche and wonderful events can feel like a chore. That’s why we’ve handpicked a simple and varied calendar just for you. 

The Bear Radio Calendar is a curated selection of events that’ll keep your curiosity fed, your small talk sparkling and your social schedule brimming with excitement. 

Here’s what we’re up to for the next month…

1st – 7th September 

Closing Weekend at Dark Matter Sommerlights

The delirium and heat of Summer are officially coming to a close and so are the festivities at Dark Matter. 

This event series has been a real staple of the season and its final installment is set to be no exception. This special edition of the electronic event will feature performances from Cosmic Cherry, KiKi, and Stahler and is sure to be a farewell to remember. Why not get some tickets and take in those Sommerlights one final time?

8th – 14th September 

LOLA Club Launch Party

If your ears fancy Bear Radio then your eyes probably have a thing for LOLA Magazine. It’s simple science.

The LOLA Club is something that has been in the works for a while and its launch party promises to be something really special. The concept of the club is similar to that of well-known gym memberships (hint: think of one that rhymes with murban smorts) only instead of achy bones and sweaty upper lips, a LOLA Club membership will deliver you a host of curated event recommendations and discounts – how delightful. 

The lineup for this launch party is as top-tapping and hip-grooving as you’d expect with sets from LCD Soundsystem’s Tyler Pope, Berlin’s Christabelle, and URSA’s very own culture correspondent and father to all things LOLA, Jonny Tiernan. 

Better yet? All launch party attendees will get free memberships to the LOLA Club. That’s right. Free memberships. We’ll see you there with bells on.

Kat Nip presents Liability at Comedy Cafe Berlin

Kat Nip is one of Berlin’s most loved and hilarious comedians and this performance marks her return to the city after a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe. 

Liability invites viewers on a brutally honest and tickling journey through a host of drunken, hungover, and occasionally sober stories and tribulations. It even has a dash of Catholoithism-humour thrown in, so there’s something for everyone. Make sure not to miss this.

15th – 22nd September 

Happy Birthday Renate 

Happy birthday to Renate. Happy birthday to Renate. Happy birthday to Renattttttttaaaaaaaa. Happy birthday to you! 

Yes, that’s right. Grab your birthday candles and your finest dancing shoes because one of Berlin’s most delicious clubs is celebrating another year around the sun. Yeow!

With early bird tickets flying off the shelves, there’s a good bit of hype around this birthday party, so if you’re interested in celebrating Renate’s teenagedom then we suggest hopping to it and grabbing a ticket statt.  

Berlin Art Week

Berlin Art Week is one of the biggest and most delicious curations that this city has to offer and this year’s festival is set to be as stellar and thought-provoking as ever. 

The 2022 program will feature a host of shows in galleries and venues across the entire city, as well as selected live performances and cultural events that span within the Ring Bahn and beyond.

Better yet? Many of these events are free of charge so whether you’re a seasoned art aficionado or a total contemporary novice, you have no excuse but to treat yourself to a little bit of culture. 

23rd – 29th September

Jean Yann Records Open Air Direkt am Wasser

Jean Yann is an independent electronic music label that was founded in Paris but is now based here in dusty Berlin. It’s the humble abode of reputable DJs such as Alex Daniell and Anouch and above all else, is known for throwing a hell of a party. 

This particular bash of theirs doesn’t just look like a good time, it’ll also probably be one of the last big open airs to grace your 2022 calendars.

With that in mind, we advise getting tickets and attending so that you can pay respect and bid adieu to Summer in the best way possible.  

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