November 2022 Updates

Hello everyone!

We both spent some time away from Berlin last month, but now we’re back and ready to rumble. 

Jill spent the month in a small village in Spain called Arroyomolinos de León, for The Break Fellowship. Throughout the month, she received mentorship from some amazing entrepreneurs, developed new projects for Bear Radio, and worked with the other Fellows on a skill-sharing and mentorship program for unemployed women in the village. She also did a BUNCH of recording – keep an ear out for a future piece on “Casa de la Mujer” and the amazing women in the village who make DELICIOUS pastries. 

Julia spent time in Cape Town, South Africa, working remotely from a desk that overlooked the ocean. She joined Jill and fellow producer Sara Cooper in ideating an exciting new project on Jewish Stories and began production on a new URSA story from her time in Nottingham. 

Throughout the month, we recorded remotely to bring you the latest edition of URSA. It’s always exciting to record in three different locations with our correspondents, Jonny Tiernan of LOLA Magazine and Jane Silver of ExBerliner – hooray technology!

Back in Berlin, we had a very special LIVE Halloween episode of What’s The Mate? with special guests Noah Telson, Amy Jane and Amanda King. The episode features stories about fist-sized spiders, Berlin apartment hauntings, and a peculiar 4000 year old skeleton found in Germany. You’ll have to listen to find out more. 

We’ll check back in next month – and until then, we hope you all have a fantastic November! 

Jill & Julia

A remote recording for URSA: November

Podcast Recommendations

Jill’s Podcast Recommendation: abandoned: The All-American Ruins Podcast

It’s been a while since I listened to a podcast that had soundscapes that completely transported me into a different place and time like this. I’ve been listening to this podcast with over-ear headphones; AirPods don’t do it justice. In this series, Blake Pfeil, who runs the All American Ruins blog, takes listeners on a journey through abandoned spaces throughout the United States. As Blake describes it, the podcast is a ‘sonic fantasy’ and needs to be listened to without distraction. Every episode is so, so absolutely amazing and has inspired me to explore new ways to integrate creative soundscapes into my own audio projects. 

Julia’s Podcast Recommendation: Scene On Radio Season 5: The Repair
I’m back with another shout out to Jon Biewen, the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) at Duke University, and their two-time Peabody-nominated podcast Scene on Radio. Why? Because Season 5: The Repair is all about the climate crisis, and the explorations in each episode should, in my humble opinion, be mandatory listening the world over. The series explores how we got here, and how we need to change to save ourselves and our world. Episodes explore everything from how religion was the beginning of the end for our climate, to the roles that colonialism and capitalism play, how a concept called “rights of nature” is being used to protect the planet and more. John Biewen is at the helm with guest producers, and features a new series co-host Amy Westervelt (of the Drilled and Hot Take podcasts). Please go listen, it’s essential.

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