Events We’re Excited for in January

A new year brings with it a whole new calendar of activities! There is so much to choose from, and we know it can get a bit overwhelming, which is why we’ve handpicked a simple and varied calendar just for you, at least for the month of January for now.
The Bear Radio Calendar is a curated selection of events that’ll keep your curiosity fed, your small talk sparkling and your social schedule brimming with excitement. 
Here’s what we’re up to for the next month…

05 – 21 January

Days of Dance Berlin

Days of Dance (Tanztage) is a contemporary dance festival focusing on the discovery and support of up-and-coming choreographers and dancers based in Berlin. The majority of choreographers you see will have an interdisciplinary approach to the medium with performances including visual arts, sound, music, language and more.

All dance performances take place at Sophiensaele in Berlin-Mitte, one of the most significant spaces for performance in the country.

Now – 15 January


Nika Radić is a multimedia visual artist. In recent years she has immersed herself in the world of hypnosis and its role in therapy performed by American psychiatrist Milton Erickson (1901-1980)

In her new series “Alles War Grün/Everything Was Green”, Radić exhibits videos and digital collages in which she asked the people she was talking to under hypnosis about their personal ideas about the future. The exhibitions brings together individual worries and wishes in one collective future scenario as you walk through the multimedia installation in which realities are mirrored and distorted. You can visit this exhibition at CLB Berlin.

19 – 25 January

British Shorts Kurzfilmfestival

150 films, 7 days, 4 venues; The British Shorts are back! The series celebrates the works of filmmakers living and working in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. You’ve got drama, comedy, thriller, action, animation, documentary, music video and more. And it’s not just watching films, this is the real deal, it’s a competition! Both the jury and the audience can vote for which they feel is the best film.

The films will be screening at gorgeous arthouse cinemas around the city and you can book your tickets (roughly 10EUR) online or at the door.

25 January – 2 February

Ophelias Got Talent

Arguably the most talked about production of 2022 is coming to a close this year with just five performances left. Ophelia’s Got Talent by the critically acclaimed and award winning choreographer, Florentina Holzinger, brings together perfectly staged chaos, German absurdist theatre, climate crises and a new generation of feminists.

Holzinger and her performers give themselves entirely to the performance as they explore an Ophelia far less tragic than Shakespeare’s – this Ophelia has talent. There are mermaids and pirates, a sword swallower, an acrobat, a dancer and an escape artist. Water lies at the centre of it all; a physical study in the psychology of water in the 21st century. Fluctuation, reflection, reproduction, healing, and violence are the central themes of this new production – if that helps? We’d suggest read the description or simply grab a ticket and go,


Please note: The show Ophelia’s Got Talent contains: self-harm, blood, needles, strobe lights, explicit depiction or description of physical and sexual violence.

The show is mostly in English, and that which is not, has subtitles.

27 January – 05 February

CTM Festival

CTM is back with it’s 24th edition! After 2 years of pandemic uncertainty they have moved the festival to Silent Green in Wedding for an edition that features a notable focus on South Asian electronic music. There will be a showcase of collaborations between African and German artists via the Afropollination project, and ‘sonic portals’ that cover everything from psychotropic journeys to experiences of war and full-blown hyperdrive club nights. The festival is incredibily diverse and multi-layered and in collaboration with sister festival Transmediale.

This year’s theme? Portals.

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