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Hello everyone!

We hope you’re having a wonderful week and have listened to some excellent podcasts. 

We’ve had a busy month, preparing for our upcoming Spring Podcasting Intensive, working with the Africa Policy Research Institute, and much more. 

Tomorrow (Friday, March 3rd) is the LAST DAY to register for the Bear Radio Spring Podcasting Intensive! With this course held both in-person at noisy Rooms Berlin and online, students will get all the information and support they need to kick off their own audio project! They’ll have access to premium podcasting equipment from SHURE, exclusive resources, personal feedback, access to an incredible network plus the expertise and support of their instructors (yours truly)  and peers every step of the way. By the end, they’ll have found their unique voice, finished their first piece, and hold skills that will ensure their show’s longevity and catapult their audio storytelling project.

Thanks to the generous support of PodFest Berlin, we are able to offer three students full scholarships to the course. We have selected three great storytellers from over 20 applicants, and we’re looking forward to helping them tell their stories. 

Classes take place on weekends starting on March 11th, and the final listening party is on April 6th. We offer individual payment plans to students unable to pay the full amount before the course starts. If you or someone you know is interested, please either register or reach out to us to discuss payment options. We’re really looking forward to welcoming a new batch of audio storytelling students!

The first episode of The Africa Hour by The Africa Policy Research Institute (APRI) was released today, and we’ve had an exciting time working with the APRI and helping them produce this show. The first episode discusses big tech regulation on the African continent, with a focus on Ghana. Host Olumide Abimbola speaks with three experts about how local and national governmental bodies in Ghana can hold tech companies like Twitter and Meta accountable – especially when it comes to workers’ rights and wellness. New episodes will be released monthly and we’re looking forward to more exciting conversations.

We also have a new episode of URSA coming out next week! This issue features the continent’s news and climate headlines, with a focus on the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria. We’ll also have original pieces by producer Sara Cooper on the history of X-Rays, and a segment from Deutsche Welle’s On The Green Fence. We also speak with Maria Binder, the director of Eren, a documentary about Turkish human rights lawyer Eren Keskin. The film will be playing at the Maxim Gorki theater on March 8th. In the Food Section, Will Maidment shows us his favorite cheap eats around the city (beyond the humble döner kebab). Lastly, we speak with local band Minimal Schlager about their latest album, their upcoming tour, and much more.

Lastly, we’ve welcomed Denisa Harbuz, the new Bear Radio Intern, on board and she’s been busy learning all about producing her own podcast, interviewing newsletter guests, working on promotion and outreach, and much more!

Thank you so much for reading!

Jill & Julia  

Jill’s Podcast Recommendation:
The Sound: Mystery of Havana Syndrome – Project Brazen and PRX

Over the past years, you may have heard about Havana Syndrome, the bizarre illness plaguing American diplomats around the world. Symptoms of the Syndrome include tinnitus, brain fog, headaches, and further neurological issues. Diplomats all over the world have experienced similar symptoms, and this podcast investigates what may be causing Havana Syndrome, and who may be responsible. You’ll hear from diplomats across continents, medical researchers, historians, and even victims of the mysterious illness. The eerie story is accompanied by an unsettling score that is composed and performed by the Grammy-winning Attacca Quartet.

All eight episodes are now available, and there are a bunch of bonus episodes available, including interviews with the host Nicky Woolf, Attacca Quartet, and Nicky’s interviews with experts on the science behind Havana Syndrome.

Julia’s Podcast Recommendation:

Love, Janessa – CBC Podcasts and BBC World Service

You may have seen Janessa Brazil’s face pop up in your social media, hopefully only since news broke that her face was being used as part of a catfishing campaign and not because you fell prey to the scam?? Either way, in this series, journalist Hannah Ajala delves into the world of online romance scams, starting with Janessa Brazil. Brazil is an adult entertainment star who has unwittingly become the face of a global catfishing campaign. the show explores who she is and how are her pictures being used to con victims out of huge amounts of money. Ajala speaks to the victims, as well as the scammers behind similar schemes, and her investigation takes listeners from the UK to Italy, West Africa and the US.

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