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Hello everyone! 

Some of the Spring Podcasting Intensive Students

We hope you’re having a fantastic spring!

The Bear Radio Spring Podcast Intensive is about to come to a close, and we couldn’t be more proud of our brilliant students and the excellent projects they’ve been working on. Throughout the past weeks, we’ve gone through the entire Bear Radio podcasting curriculum, from developing a series roadmap to recording, editing and marketing. The students had two weeks to record and edit their pieces, which they will be sharing this evening (April 6th) at the Bear Radio Student Showcase at noisyRooms. We look forward to seeing and hearing what the students create in the future!

Thanks to the generosity of PodFest, we were able to offer three students full scholarships to the workshops, and thanks to the great team at SHURE, the students had access to high quality equipment for creating their pieces. 

We released a new issue of URSA, Europe’s audio magazine on Tuesday, April 4th. The issue features news on the strikes around Europe from France to Germany, and an update on Berlin’s sweetheart and Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt, as well as climate news on the failed referendum in Berlin to bring the city’s goal of net zero forward to 2030. Plus we have exciting news about Beavers in London and innovations in clean energy around the continent.

Our URSA feature pieces this month feature an audio tour of the expansive campus of the German Electron Synchrotron DESY by producer Sara Cooper, as well as a segment from the EuroPod Hypotourismos podcast about how over-tourism in Santorini has decimated the island’s environment. This month’s food section is all things FRESH, featuring a visit the farm-to-table cafe and restaurant Cafe Botanico to enjoy some delicious food and have a chat with founder Martin Höft. The Arts and Culture segment brings you insights into the intimate and welcoming evening that is a Savannah van der Niet Poetry Night as well as an introduction to some of the coolest kids in town, the band Agatha is Dead!

Lastly, we’ve been working on the newest episode of The Africa Hour, a podcast we’re producing with The Africa Policy Research Institute (APRI). Keep an eye out for it in your podcatcher coming in the next weeks!

Thanks for reading!

Jill’s Podcast Recommendation:

Louder Than A Riot – NPR

You may have recently heard about the layoffs that will be affecting NPR in the United States, and the fact that the organization will be canceling four excellent podcasts. One of those podcasts is Louder than a Riot, which tells important stories about people of color. The latest season of the podcast covers the role of women in hip hop, and how women MCs have been paving the way for decades. The series also focuses on the discrimination many women MCs experience, both from others in the hiphop community and the general population. I’m so sad to see this show go, but I hope that the team will be able to carry on the concept and project to a new outlet and continue their important work.

Julia’s Podcast Recommendation:

If I Go Missing The Witches Did It – Realm

It’s not often that I find myself listening to, never mind loving, a fictional podcast. But If I Go Missing The Witches Did It starring Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe, is utterly fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough. The podcast brings together true crime (not really my thing) and witchcraft (100% my thing) in a beautifully comedic yet horrifying way. The series follows the events that unfold when a Black writer goes missing, and a white podcast host takes up the cause of finding her. What she finds is a “coven” of influencers who she believes to be responsible. But while she thinks she’s using her platform for good, her mission threatens to turn her into an even worse villain than any witch: a white saviour.

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