Bear Radio is a podcasting production studio, network and school based in Berlin, Germany. 

The Bear Radio team specializes in high quality audio production, education, active collaboration and dedicated community building. Bear Radio is proudly woman-owned and run since 2017, founded with the goal of bolstering and diversifying the podcasting ecosystem. 

Companies and organizations who care about how their message is heard choose Bear Radio to create impactful content. From ideation to finished product, Bear Radio offers services over a variety of formats and genres. 

Bear Radio pride themselves on their highly edited and beautifully produced work. They tell authentic stories with diverse voices, and their partnerships reflect that. They have dozens of satisfied clients, hundreds of happy students, and entirely original podcasts.

Jill Beytin

Jill is a podcaster, journalist and audio producer from California. She has lived in Berlin since 2014. Prior to co-founding Bear Radio, Jill worked at radio stations in her native California and New Zealand, as well as at NPR and Deutsche Welle in Washington, D.C. She loves field recording, geeking out about audio equipment, and the office dog, Meeko.

Julia Joubert

Julia is a radio producer, host and personality from Cape Town, South Africa, living in Berlin. Prior to co-founding Bear Radio she worked in commercial radio, hosting and producing talk and music shows. She is the co-host and producer of multiple Bear Radio productions and has extensive experience training indie podcasters, radio hosts and corporates on how to create meaningful and engaging content.