Kelsey McKinney is a journalist, co-founder, devoted gossiper, and parent to the hit podcast Normal Gossip. 

Paul Hanford is more than just a pillar in the Berlin musicscape, he’s a talented podcast host, renowned DJ, and recently published author. 

Julie Merica is the creator, host, and advice aficionado behind the podcast, Make Your Damn Bed. 

Rhea Ramjohn is a creative dynamo with a passionate, infectious, and human character to boot. In addition to leading a host of other meaningful projects, her podcast Tanti Table is a beautiful member of our Bear Radio family and a valuable resource to be reckoned with

Charles Spearin is an acclaimed musician and founding member of the bands Do Make Say Think and Broken Social Scene. He’s also the creative mastermind behind The Happiness Project

Jill Beytin and Julia Joubert aren’t just the founders of Bear Radio, they’re also formidable voices in the podcasting sphere, and their latest show URSA is a testimony to that...

Daniel Stern is a comedian, actor, festival founder, and one of the co-hosts of Radio Spaetkauf, Berlin’s English-language news show.

Lucas Carey is a music composer and producer who understands that spirit, and its power, thoroughly and who leads with it throughout his work.

Guided by the stars and hailing from Chicago, Aubrey and Dani are the co-hosts of the infectiously delectable podcast ASTRO SLUTS.

Born from the efforts of teacher Daniel Lazar, the JFKS IDEAS podcast is a project that allows the empathy, intellect, and kindness of Gen Z to take the wheel.

Ben Miller is a talented historian, writer, and podcaster. Alongside fellow writer, artist, and friend Huw Lemmey, he is also the father of Bad Gays.

Jim Townsend is a decorated, respected, and seasoned political dynamo hailing from the U.S.A. In 2017, Jim added podcast host to his long list of accomplishments when he started Brussels Sprouts 

Cara McGoogan’s podcast, Bed of Lies, is created in conjunction with The Telegraph and is dedicated to unearthing the most unbelievable of British scandals.

We caught up with Sen Zhan to discuss her experience of community, her love of storytelling, and her podcast Beyond Asian: Stories of Third Culture.

Catarina Reis is a journalist and based in Portugal. She currently works for the incredible digital-based magazine Mensagem de Lisboa where she creates the podcast Sons de Lisboa.

Emma Robertson is a journalist, author, and podcaster with a remarkable amount of strings to her bow. Her podcast AIR is an audio space for unique conversation and serene deep-dives.

Ell Potter and Mary Higgins of HOTTER Project are the creative minds behind Life of Bi, a podcast that articulates the slippery history of bisexuality.

Abby Ross Menacher is a talented florist, podcaster, and one-half of the creative force behind Berlin Briefing, a curated podcast that reports the daily news in the Hauptstadt.

Trevor Silverstein is a comedian, actor, and improv artist who hails from NYC. He’s also the co-host of The BOSS, an improvisational comedy podcast that is part of the Bear Radio Family.

NYC native Lory Martinez is the founder of Studio Ochenta, a podcast production studio based in Paris, France, which has produced an incredible catalog of podcasts in over 20 languages.

Liam Geraghty is an award-winning audio producer for podcast and radio. This impressive career and skillset led him to create The Warren, a creative Irish podcast network

Neil King is a respected voice at Deutsche Welle and the creative force behind On The Green Fence, an environmental podcast that we’re proud to call part of our Bear Radio Family.

Josh Rivers is a podcaster, writer and public figure, and the creator and host of the award-winning podcast Busy Being Black.

Chris Watson isn’t a sonic journalist, he’s the sonic journalist.


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Sitting in front of a microphone can be daunting enough as it is. So we’re here to share some tips to help you and your guest sound as good as possible.

Our friends at Hindenburg have created an awesome app that will take your phone recordings to the next level.

The Focusrite Scarlett interfaces are FANTASTIC for anyone looking to get into podcasting.